Our Story

You could say that my 'sweet obsession' began when I was just a small child. I would often spend afternoons watching my grandmother Dotty, in her kitchen, making a delicious array of pastry and cakes.  I also have very fond memories of Sunday afternoon baking sessions where I would make buns, biscuits and treats, with my mum, Rosemary. Every birthday without fail, my mum would make the most fabulous birthday cakes any young child could wish for.

 As I grew older my love for baking didn't leave me, but I saw it more as a hobby, rather than a career and was satisfied with carrying on the tradition of making birthday cakes for my own children.  In 2012 I was made redundant (for the second time) from a boring office job and I took this as a sign that I really wasn't meant for an office job!

Over the next few years I worked in some of the best pastry kitchens in the North West including The Midland, Manchester, The Mere Golf and Spa, Cheshire and The Rookery, Cheshire,  and it was in these kitchens that my love for working with chocolate seriously began. In 2016 I completed my chocolatier 's diploma and Sweet Obsession was born.

Sweet Obsession is my dream, my  passion and my love and I pour all of that into every individual brownie, macaron, chocolate and confection that I produce.